Preparing for lift off

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ProjectPAAS. Work in progress.

We are working to finish the product. We are test driving the product now on dozens of sites. So far, we are really pleased with the results though there is a lot of fine-tuning to be done before we can ship the product towards you. As you might understand Performance takes time

Faster Websites, Period!

If you want to use our service, wait a little. Please follow us and talk to us on twitter, like us on facebook and read what you can expect from us. We will be launching our private beta program in Q2 2013 and in Q4 you will be able to buy and use our service according to the current planning.

-- The ProjectPaas Juggernauts.

What is ProjectPAAS

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ProjectPAAS is an automated scan of your website, where we gather data from the outside and from the inside of your website about the performance of your site and how to improve it. This data on 100-plus metrics are combined and we automatically generate a report for you. We use metrics from the complete chain that influences the speed of your website.

We measure and report on:
1. The browser (HTML, CSS, images and JavaScript)
2. The generic infrastructure (DNS)
3. The webserver (Varnish, Apache, APC, Memcache etc.)
4. The databases (SOLR, MySQL, slow queries)
5. Drupal (core, contrib and custom modules)

For all these metrics, we do only report on what really influences the speed and what is meausurable, no whitepaper wisdom with "use parallel downloads". We measure how much your site will gain with 1, 2, 3, 4 or more different hostnames under a cookiefree domain. And we might even conclude that for your specific setup, due to DNS host lookups and TCP slow start, it might be faster not to use parallel downloading. But only once we measured it, graphed it and analysed it.

It has often been said, 80% of your website speed is frontend, 20% backend. In our opinion, if that is the case, you are doing it wrong, very wrong. 99% of your website speed should be frontend, 1% backend related. So our first goal would be to make sure that Drupal, Apache and the database are not the cause of any slowness.

Then we start working on the 99%, to make sure it becomes 3 seconds, not 11+ seconds like most of the sites we optimize. And we always remember, 100% of the speed is measured in the browser and users dont care for backend and frontend speed. They might care about the perception of speed, but most of all, they care for speed. Not something you can fake, but something you can make yourself using our report!

No whitepaper wisdom, no gradients but pure statistical analysis and scientific graphs to make sure you get the best advice when it comes to speed.

ProjectPaas, the making of

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Our juggernauts all have been building websites for over a decade and we have been active in Drupal since the days. Some of the sites we have been building were slashdotted, some of the sites were a sort of In both cases, we learned that we should add performance as a non-functional requirement from day 1; you can't add "security" or "performance" as an additional layer, it has to be in your core and your product.

After some time we got good at performance, we understood what to do and what not to do for the complete stack of elements that define speed, HTML, CSS, Linux, Apache, MySQL and yes, Drupal. Word got out that we were good and siteowners that have been building their site at another company, came to us for advise on how to get more speed in their site.

Once we had done a dozen of these reports, we wanted to make the reports more easily accessible for the site owners and website builders. This is why we started the Performance Reporting as a Service and the name ProjectPAAS was used as an internal name. The idea to make it a SaaS became reality and the name just stuck around.

Inside out

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ProjectPAAS will test your website from the outside and the inside to see where performance bottlenecks are and how to solve them. To use the service, you need to install a small open source module on your development website and configure it with a couple of clicks.

During the test we run from the outside, this module will help our test instance to gather the data it needs.

100 metrics and counting

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This way we can see from the outside where HTML bottlenecks are and from the inside where Drupal code can be optimized. Once you have installed the module, bought credits and configured the service you want, all you have to do is lay back.

Within seconds, an EC2 instance will be started that will test your site, collect data, analyse it and and generate a PDF report on the 100 metrics (and counting) available, the detailed report will be available for you within a couple of hours.

Open Source

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We use a lot of open source tools to do so; from the LAMP stack to for example Phantom.JS to see how your site renders as a real end user in different devices.

And yes, our product itself is written in Drupal. We care for open source, we donate and will continue to contribute our modules to the community. The module you need to collect the data itself, is available on d.o. at the funky URL project/paas.

The Team

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The team behind ProjectPAAS is 100% nerd, 100% geek and 100% juggernaut. We care for rich websites, we love Drupal and we like speed. Instead of a standard "you can only choose two" joke, we decided that we want Drupal to power rich websites that perform under load for all users. Not an easy task?

Our team has years of Drupal knowledge, even before the product was called Drupal we were active in the community. We know every corner of the product and combined with years of hosting experience, routing design, enterprise projectmanaging and database administration, our team really knows about all the elements that define speed. That is why we build ProjectPAAS.

We are young, eager. And we will not stop. We care for speed. So expect to see more metrics in every single release. And expect a new release every single month.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger! Our Work Is Never Over.

We miss you, dont miss us!

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We are currently nearing the stage where private beta invites will be given to selected people.

Because we care about Drupal (the code, the license but most of all the community) we will give invites to those who have done well for the community by donating time and or code to flourish the product.

If you think you qualify and we did not contact you, we are are very sorry for our mistake, please use the contact form and we hook up.


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